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For advisors working with newer or younger clients.
Products Included:
  *Includes a digital consumer fact finder

Featured Product: Rio

Prove the unmatched value of an annuity and life insurance in retirement income planning

Increase case size and close ratio without wasting time or resources
Streamline data-entry with an online consumer fact finder
Interactive, side-by-side comparisons to examine gaps and risks, and involve prospect in closing the gaps

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Annuity and Life Insurance Sales System

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PlanFacts offers a variety of integrated tools for financial advisors at any stage of the planning market.

Social Security lead generation tool
Social Security Lead Gen

How do I get more clients? Social Security Lead Gen is your 24/7 prospecting partner. Add it to your other prospecting methods to boost your results.

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Retirement Income Options Rio a complete annuity and life insurance sales tool
Rio—Retirement Income Options

An annuity and life insurance sales solution—Prove the unmatched value of an annuity or life insurance in retirement income planning. Includes an easy-to-use digital consumer fact finder.

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Retirement Road Map Baby Boomer Financial Planning Tool
Retirement Road Map

Your door opener to the baby boomer market—helps advisors chart retirement courses for baby boomers

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Life Goals basic needs analysis software

A goal based analysis of your client’s basic needs—One product to solve multiple insurance and investment needs. Includes a digital fact finder for easy data entry.

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Business Succession Planning software
Business Succession Concepts

Address all areas of business succession planning—Business Valuation, Business Continuation and Key Person Planning.

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Social Security Pro maximization tool
Social Security Pro

Social Security answers your clients can understand—Sophisticated calculations behind the scenes, clear results front and center.

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Qualified plan retirement income planning tool
Qualified Plan Concepts

Show clients how to use 401(k) and IRA distributions for maximum benefit.

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Retirement Estate Planning Tool
Estate Planning Concepts

Designed to simplify complex estate planning topics
Discuss estate planning without being an expert—let the software be the expert.

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Ready-2-Retire Retirement Income Prospecting and Lead Generation Tool

Say good-bye to “calculator-thinking” — move the client away from numbers and into lifestyle planning. Developed in conjunction with LIMRA.

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Cash Flow Decisions Retirement Income Planning
Cash Flow Decisions

A cash-flow based approach to discuss Social Security maximization, retirement income, life and annuity sales.

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Streamline your workflow

Your mobile-friendly PlanFacts dashboard lets you access leads and manage cases from the same place—integrate with your CRM to directly import new clients.

PlanFacts interactive financial planning annuity and life insurance sales tools

Get more appointments with personalized lead generation sites

Catch prospects when they first start looking. Link to your personalized lead generation sites from social media accounts, websites or email footers and catch prospects when they first start looking. 

PlanFacts social security lead generation tool
PlanFacts retirement income planning digital consumer fact finder

Spend less time on data entry by using online consumer fact finders

Your clients can enter their own information by walking through your personalized, easy-to-use and highly interactive consumer fact finder sites. 

Keep clients engaged with presentations they can understand

Studies show that clients who feel involved in the planning process are more committed to the final decision. Run side-by-side comparisons to play ‘what-if’ and demonstrate the value of adding an annuity or life insurance to their retirement plan.

Interactive retirement income planning and annuity sales tool

Product features that save time and increase production 

Sophisticated Calculations

Sophisticated calculations behind the scenes, clear results front and center.

Easy-to-Use Interface

No training needed to get started. Minimal inputs produce powerful results.

Professionally Designed Presentations

Easy-to-understand output reports designed with the consumer in mind.


Integrate with industry leading quoting and illustration tools, CRMs and eApps.

Digital Consumer Fact Finders

Your personalized digital fact finders allows clients to enter their own information.

Lead Generation Solutions

Get qualified leads with your personalized lead generation sites.

Side-by-side comparisons

Make quick adjustments on screen to play ‘what-if’ and compare scenarios.

14-Day Free Trial 

With the risk-free 14-day free trial period, your credit card won’t be charged and you can cancel at anytime.

“The seamless approach and live updates provide advisors and clients everything they need to visualize their goals and gain the capacity to chase their goals! I’ve given up all my other subscription software in favor of PlanFacts and would recommend the same to any other advisor providing proactive and holistic planning for their clients.”

Travis Jennings
Finance C.A.P.E

“Your software is a valuable tool in helping to stress test our clients’ retirement plans to ensure they have a plan that can withstand the various risks and pitfalls that exist. (…) We’re able to create retirement simulations which help bring clarity to where they’re at and where they want to go. We can then develop a plan to get them there safely and on time. Thanks again for the software as well as the time your team has taken to educate us and answer questions so we can better serve our clients.”

— Todd Wooten

“PlanFacts has reignited my enthusiasm for this business! I now have a “go-to” suite of planning modules to service my broad practice. I like selling life insurance to young families—Life Goals helps me do that. I work with people in the retirement red zone—Cash Flow decisions helps me identify their situation, show them their problems and show potential solutions, including income annuities and life insurance. There are business transition and estate planning modules as well. Much of the other planning software I have looked at and used has been too weak in the areas of life insurance and income annuities for me to use in good conscience. This software allows me to easily integrate these planning solutions into a comprehensive plan.”

Robert J. Hanten, MRFC, LUTCF, FICF, IAR


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