Essential Tools For Insurance Pros

PlanFacts is the culmination of Impact's 35 year experience helping agents prospect, present, and sell. Scroll down to find the subscription bundle providing the best value for your practice or choose only the product you need.

Sophisticated Calculations

PlanFacts performs millions of calculations behind-the-scenes, and presents complex financial concepts with an elegant simplicity.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Web based applications look and work great on Macs, PCs and iPads. Minimal inputs are needed for powerful conceptual results.

Professionally Designed Reports

Easy-to-understand output reports designed with the consumer in mind. Customize each presentation based on your client's unique needs.

Flexible Pricing Options

Purchase products individually, or take advantage of PlanFacts Product Bundles and save over 60% compared to individual subscription prices.

PlanFacts Dashboard

Easily track prospects and manage clients from your dashboard. Client data is shared between tools, making it easy to create new cases from existing clients.

Free Trial Period

Take advantage of each product's 14-day free trial period.

Easily Manage Your Clients and Prospects

Your subscription to any PlanFacts app includes the PlanFacts Dashboard. The Dashboard will allow you to keep track of prospects from our lead generation apps and manage each client's cases for easy organization.