Backed by 37 years of experience creating products that help advisors plan and sell

PlanFacts financial planning tools are developed by Impact Technologies Group, Inc.


About Impact Technologies Group

Since its founding in 1981, Impact® has been ahead of its time when it comes to making insurance agents, financial advisors and, most importantly, their clients financially successful at every stage in their lives. The key to Impact’s results is reflected in its management—seasoned experts from financial services, software technology, government compliance, legal and insurance industries—as well as in its clients, who include many of the world’s leading financial services firms, and independent agents and advisors who trust the endorsements of these industry giants.

A Better Client Experience

While Impact’s software analytics support the latest compliance requirements and regulations, its 360˚ software solutions go well beyond that—touching every point of the product provider-financial advisor-client value chain. Impact’s presentations and reports are recognized for being tunable by target audience, easy-to-understand, direct and actionable. This means that whether advisors have clients who are new to financial planning or skilled in using it themselves, they can generate a presentation that speaks directly to that precise level of sophistication.

Other Products and Services Offered by Impact

Impact specializes in the design and development of custom software solutions that are easy-to-use, secure, and tailored to specific business needs. In addition to custom development, Impact offers various ready-made product solutions:


A one-stop resource for insurance quotes and field underwriting—ImpactBots are with you wherever you go, and can be accessed immediately from any location, on any device. Learn More


A vast library of financial calculations that cover everything from simple goal based needs calculators to sophisticated cash flow calculation engines. Learn More

Management Team

Howard Keziah
Founder, CEO

Heather Vaartjes
President, Chief Operations Officer

Gretchen Smith
Vice President, Financial Engineering

Derek Sanderson
Chief Technology Officer