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Business Valuation

"How can I get a fair estimate of my business' value prior to a formal appraisal?"

  • Business Valuation is now integrated into all of the Business Succession Concepts
  • Performs calculations for the five valuation methods accepted by the IRS
  • Present results in an interactive screen graph, and/or a complete printed presentation.

Business Continuation

"What happens when one of my partners or I die, retire, or become disabled?"

  • Simple, clear illustrations of continuation and funding options
  • Illustrate value of life insurance to fund their chosen solutions

Key Person

"How do I determine the value of key employees and protect the business from their loss?"

  • Evaluate and rate key person's value in different areas on company
  • Include family's expectations and how ownership would be transitioned
  • Illustrate how life insurance provides solution to key person planning

Business Continuation

Business planning sales involve these four steps:

  • Illustrate to clients the importance of considering their business continuation options
  • Determining the fair value of the business
  • Agreeing to a solution and adopting a business continuation plan
  • Determining how to fund the solution
With Business Continuation you can complete any one of these steps without completing the others.

Key Person

Show the Dual Role of Life Insurance

Key Person helps a business owner establish the value and impact a key person has on the company. When that key person happens to be an owner, life insurance could provide a solution not only to the business continuation plan, but also the key person planning as well.

For Business Owners or Non-Owners

Use Key Person to evaluate the same owners that were used in the Business Continuation analysis. Or use Business Continuation on the owners, and then use Key Person independently of Business Continuation to evaluate non-owner key employees.

You Don't Have to be an Expert

Let the Software be the Expert

Simple and clear illustrations help explain complex or difficult concepts. Each animation includes a step-by-step walk through of the continuation and funding solutions. Your clients will see for themselves the need to plan and the value of funding their solutions with life insurance.


Versatile Presentation Options

The on-screen presentation is designed to mirror the printed presentation, giving your clients the option to follow along with what they are being shown on screen. You can present on-screen, then leave the printed presentation behind.

Printed Presentation

A professionally designed presentation that walks business owners through their options using simple and clear illustrations.

  • Carefully researched charts and graphs
  • Easy to Understand
  • Customize each presentation based on your client's situation

Interactive Screen Presentation

The Business Continuation analysis also gives the option to walk through an interactive on-screen presentation of your client’s case. The responsive design allows you to present on various devices:

  • Tablet or iPad
  • Computer Screen
  • Large Conference Room Display

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