A highly-interactive retirement income planning tool

CFD helps financial advisors feel comfortable presenting and proposing products in their first and second meetings.

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Show clients “what-if” scenarios on screen.

Make quick adjustments and compare financial scenarios in front of your clients.


Accurate Social Security taxation, and how taxes impact RMDs and early distributions from qualified plans

Import annuity information or life illustrations

CFD can import Winflex Illustrations, or find appropriate annuities and pull values using Cannex.

Close more annuity and life sales by stress testing your clients plan

Clients see why guaranteed income is important in down markets

Optimize Social Security

Illustrate benefits by year and compare filing strategies.

Spend down strategy

Manual strategy selection or fully automatic calculation of optimal spend down to minimize taxes and optimize retirement income.

Behind this simple graph…

Income is accumulated
Asset appreciation is calculated
RMDs are calculated and withdrawn
Expenses are paid
Assets are used as needed
Taxes are calculated and paid
Social Security benefits are adjusted as required
For every year in the projection. And, for every possible Social Security filing age and method.

Should taxation, capital gains, RMDs, asset distribution order, post-retirement salaries, other income, and potential MAGI reductions affect your Social Security recommendation?

You bet. Total income affects how much of Social Security benefits are taxed. Asset distributions needed to pay expenses, and the nature of those assets, fluctuate. The percent of benefits taxed is seldom a fixed amount. It needs to be calculated annually. At age 70½ RMDs are required from qualified plans and are taxable. They also affect the MAGI and could trigger increased taxation of Social Security benefits. If Social Security is started prior to full retirement age, earned income could result in benefits being withheld until full retirement age. That affects income available for cash flow and should be considered when determining Social Security filing ages.


    Required Minimum Distributions are calculated, withdrawn from the qualified plans, and added to income.


    Modified Adjusted Gross Income is calculated and the amount of Social Security subject to tax is calculated. The percent of Social Security subject to tax fluctuates—it’s not safe to assume a fixed percent.

    Cash Flow

    When there’s not enough income to pay expenses, withdrawals are made from assets and the withdrawals are taxed appropriately.

    Easy-to-understand graphics and a highly-interactive user interface give value to clients during interactive scenarios

    You can choose how you’d like to present:

    Printed Presentation

    iPad, Tablet or Computer Screen

    Large Conference Room Display

    “I love this software—it helped me close a $150k annuity along with $150k of managed money six days after signing up.”

    – Mark Courtemanche
    Pinnacle Retirement Solutions

    “Just found out what this software can do—so excited! The tax piece is invaluable in helping people understand the impact of taxes on their social security benefits.”

    – Kaye Taylor
    Senior Vice President | Marketing Pacific Financial Advisors Inc.

    “This tool gives me as the trusted advisor many powers. First the power to help my clients sleep at night showing them that they will not run out of money if they plan properly. Second the power to optimize social security monthly income for many clients who would have no idea what to do. I have found up to an extra $1000 per month for clients just by using the social security part of the tool. Third the power to help me as the advisor plan properly with what amount should be placed into an annuity and how much life insurance is needed. Once the client see’s their plan with insurance or with an annuity they are convinced that this is the right financial road map for them.”

    – Rosemarie

    “Using CFD/SS makes our jobs easier. Clients interact much more, and realize they are participating in their own planning. It makes for a much better conversation.”

    – Jim Cauthorn
    Cauthorn Financial Group

    “CFD has really solidified my client relationships by providing meaningful dialog about their retirement income projections. By illustrating their potential income options, the clients have more piece of mind when to apply for their benefits whether restricted application or standard filing.”

    – Michael McCord, CFA, CFP®, CLU, AIF®
    Pinnacle Wealth Management

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