Designed to Simplify Complex Estate Planning Topics.

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Life insurance is a terrific solution to estate planning problems. It’s a complex subject and Estate Planning Concepts breaks it down to the fundamentals. That’s an essential first step to estate planning. Estate Planning Concepts is great for smaller estates—under $5,000,000—and one of the most effective programs for getting wealthy individuals to take action to preserve their estate

Interactive Design

Designed for maximum effectiveness on the iPad®,

  • The best point-of-sale presentation shown on the best point-of-sale device
  • Interactive flow charts show clients how their assets get to their heirs

Clients Take Action

Actions often result in a purchase of a very large life insurance policy

  • Show middle-market clients how to maintain control of new life insurance without a trust
  • Show wealthier clients how a trust keeps new life insurance outside the estate

Emphasis on Estate Planning—not just taxes

Estate Planning Concepts opens the discussion of other planning concerns

  • Bequests
  • Estate Equalization
  • Charitable Bequests
  • Family Business

Interactive, Easy-to-Understand Flow Charts

Estate Planning Concepts’ interactive flowcharts allow you and your clients to play “what-­if.” And calculations are immediate.

Clients see how their assets get to their heirs

Get right to the screen presentation after a few simple inputs:

  • Current Estate
  • Existing Life Insurance
  • Years to Project
  • Growth Rate
  • Estate Transfer Expense Rate
  • Bequests to children, charity, or others
  • Use a By-Pass Trust and/or an ILIT
  • State inheritance tax calculations included for applicable states. Even with the increased federal Basic Applicable Exclusion and portability, this can be a substantial cost to the heirs

Includes planning features for your non-traditional clients such as domestic partners or same sex marriages

Estate Planning Concepts can make your clients feel good about taking actions on recommended solutions.

Screen and printed presentations that are proven to sell.

  • Estate Planning Concepts does the selling for you
  • Leave a motivating presentation with your client
  • Resource screens answer questions with simple graphics
  • Keep clients' attention with compelling graphics and colors

One of the most successful estate planners used this presentation with a wealthy client with whom he had worked for over a year to complete his estate plan. Some of the finest estate tax attorneys, CPAs, and trust officers in the country were also frustrated with this client for stalling and not executing the plan on which they had collaborated. After the presentation the client simply said, “Go ahead and finish my plan.” The “finish my plan” included putting in force a very large life insurance policy. Later, the agent asked this client why this simple conceptual program caused him to proceed, when the finest estate planners in the country couldn’t convince him. His answer:

“I was not going to spend a million dollars a year in premiums without understanding why. Your program showed me why I was doing it.”

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