A Goal-Based Analysis of Your Client's Most Basic Needs

If your clients are not exclaiming, "I can actually understand this!", you need Life Goals.


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Uncover Your Client's Current Financial Situation Quickly

One program to solve multiple client insurance and investment needs. Focus on a specific need, or focus on multiple needs.

Cash Flow

Review income and expenses to calculate monthly discretionary income.

Debt Management

Calculate debt-to-earned-income ratio.

Emergency Fund

Set emergency fund savings goal based on monthly incomes.

Education Needs

Examine estimated costs and possible ways to fund a college education.

Survivor Needs

Examine immediate cash needs and funds needed to assure lifestyle expenses in the effect of a premature death on the family

Disability Needs

Examine the impact of disability on the family's lifestyle, and ways to replace lost income.


Explore how retirement income sources fulfill retirement income goals—when will the money run out?

Estate Preservation

Discuss the risks of not having an estate plan in place.

You Control What's Presented Based on Your Client's Situation

  • Focus on a specific need
  • Focus on multiple needs
  • Presentations show the benefits of each recommendation to your clients
  • Graphics make concepts easy to understand
  • A compelling presentation shows needs and how to solve them
  • When clients can see the benefits, they take your recommended actions

The Value of Life Goals

Any good needs program can calculate and show needs. You need a program that effectively shows your clients:

  • Their needs
  • Their recommended solutions
  • The benefits of those solutions

You need LifeGoals!

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Includes a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel your payment at any time.




Includes a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel your payment at any time.


Bundle Pricing

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Save 60% when you bundle products, compared to purchasing them individually.


Like Social Security Pro, this product is one of the Web-based, conceptual products in the PlanFacts series. Complete, stand-alone functionality that also works with all PlanFacts products. PlanFacts products are easy-to-use, Web-based, point-of-sale applications. LifeGoals requires little or no training to get started. Intuitive features make it easy to collect and analyze client data, motivate clients to take action, and monitor their progress.