Qualified Plans are usually your clients’ largest assets.

Show how to use distributions for maximum benefit.

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Seven of the most effective uses of 401(k) and IRA distribution

Each objective is a “stand-alone presentation.” Provide a motivating presentation to leave behind, and keep clients’ attention with compelling graphics and colors

  • How to take qualified plan distributions
  • How to transfer IRA and qualified plan assets to the next generation
  • How to effectively use qualified plan distributions
  • Converting to a Roth IRA during life or at death

Illustrate a compelling reason to transfer IRA and qualified plan assets to life insurance for legacy planning.

The SECURE Act has significantly impacted the amount of wealth that can be transferred to the next generation, and eliminated the stretch IRA for most beneficiaries of IRAs and qualified plans. QPC’s Qualified Wealth Transfer planning module considers these changes, and helps you stand out from your competition by illustrating a compelling reason for clients to transfer their IRA and qualified assets to life insurance for legacy planning.

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You maximized Social Security, now show how to use Qualified Plans effectively

Your retirement conversations might start with Social Security, but your clients’ qualified plan assets should be the next topic. Required Minimum Distributions can cause more of their Social Security benefits to be taxed, reducing their expected net income. Turn the topic of RMDs into a positive by using this tool to show how you can reduce the impact of RMDs and provide a source of needed premium dollars at the same time!

Social Security Pro + Qualified Plan Concepts

Social Security Pro helps clients see the risk of living “too long” — Qualified Plan Concepts shows how to provide life insurance needed for that risk.
One company, when using the two programs together, increased the number of client presentations of “Using Distributions for New Life insurance” over 10 times!

A conceptual planning tool to start the conversation

Even when clients have complex financial needs, they must see a “conceptual plan” before they are willing to begin detailed analysis—conceptual presentations “bridge” this gap!

  • Provide a motivating presentation to leave behind
  • Each objective is a standalone presentation
  • Keep clients’ attention with compelling graphics and colors

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Qualified Plan Concepts

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Qualified Plan Concepts

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