Your door opener to the baby boomer market

Six basic questions. No boomer can say, “I don’t have time.”

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Retirement Road Map helps financial advisors answer Baby Boomers’ questions

Focus on the boomer marketplace and income planning. Provide clear answers with easy-to-understand graphics.

“Do I have enough money to retire?”

“Will I run out of money?”

“How will I know if I’m staying on track?”

A sales system that charts retirement courses for Baby Boomers

An innovative sales system that offers financial advisors a complete planning solution for the baby boomer marketplace. The product focuses specifically on retirement distribution planning by helping advisors develop a sound financial plan based upon assets and income their clients will have through their retirement years.

  • Analyzes a client’s needs, income and assets
  • Shows how to have a predicable source of retirement income throughout retirement
  • Shows how life insurance proceeds can provide cash needed for surviving spouse’s income
  • Shows clients how annuities could work for them:
    • An annuity may provide withdrawals prior to electing an income option
    • An annuity provides flexibility if cash is needed prior to electing an income option
    • Electing an income option (annuitization) provides secured predictable income
    • An annuity provides large mortality gains when annuitized later in life
Clients see for themselves how your recommendations work for them—and they take action!

Retirement Road Map uses lifestyle phases

Needs and wants for each phase are defined in today’s dollars and compared to known sources of retirement income to determine how much will be required for the remaining needs. The amounts needed based on lifestyle phases provide a retirement distribution plan. Include recommendations:

Include recommendations:

Life Insurance

Provides needed funds for survivorship period.


Provides secured, lifetime income guarantees.

Estate Planning

Provides for remaining assets at death.

Conceptual Planning

Provides a bridge to comprehensive financial analysis

Professionally designed report

Carefully researched graphs and charts guide your client through options. The professional design keeps your clients engaged and enhances your professionalism.

Good design makes a positive impression, even if your client’s don’t understand design as professional designers do. Your clients are much more likely to actually read it, understand it, and act on it.

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