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An easy-to-use and highly interactive Social Security maximization tool for financial advisors.

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Sophisticated Calculations Behind the Scenes—Clear Results Front and Center

Social Security Pro is backed by 40 years of experience creating financial planning software. Thousands of rules and calculations are no excuse for a complex interface or presentation. Good software does the hard work behind the scenes and creates a presentation your client can understand easily. PlanFacts excels at making the complex simple—and Social Security Pro is the perfect example.

Patented User Interface

The interactive screen facilitates point-of-sale presentations on most devices—even your phone.

Interactive Sliders

Play with variations and make quick adjustments to see the effect on total benefits.

Total Benefits Intensity Grid

Determine if a slight adjustment in filing ages will make a significant difference, or just a little.

View Benefits by Year

View monthly benefits in each year.

Compare Strategies

See best strategy overall and best strategy for every age combination.

Professional Presentation

Keeps clients engaged, and clearly explains and compares filing options.

Extensively Researched Patented User Interface

There’s never been a simpler way to apply the thousands of Social Security rules to your client’s goals. The user interface is so easy to use that we recommend you turn it over to your client. Let them select benefit start age combinations (just click or touch a square in the grid) and they can see for themselves how the choices they make interact to affect their lifetime benefits. Research has proven that the more involved your prospect is in the decision making process, the more committed they are to the final decision. The easy interactivity of Social Security Pro is the ultimate in prospect engagement.

Touch or click on a start age combination in the interactive grid.
Use the sliders to change assumptions.
With every change of a slider or grid selection, hundreds of calculations are made as the thousands of Social Security rules are applied to compare options, suggest the best filing strategy, and show the lifetime difference.

Keep clients engaged with a professionally designed printed presentation

Social Security Pro’s printed presentation clearly explains and compares filing options. Carefully researched graphs and charts guide your client through options. The professional design keeps your clients engaged and enhances your professionalism.

Social Security Pro includes a robust detailed Action Plan. Clients are guided through the filing steps. They will know what actions to take, when to do it, and why. The complexity of various filing methods are reduced to a series of steps arranged by date. Clients can just check them off when done and they’ll know when the next action should be taken.

Good design makes a positive impression, even if your client’s don’t understand design as professional designers do. Your clients are much more likely to actually read it, understand it, and act on it. There’s so much more we could say, but nothing beats trying it out for yourself.

“SSPro is easy to learn, eye opening for the client, and helps solve one of the biggest mysteries clients are facing today, Social Security.”

— Karen Jessey
Denver, co

“I met with a client using your Social Security Pro software and it provided me with invaluable information. It made me look like a star. I can’t thank you enough for the support.”

— Mark Harmon
Financial Advisor | Kingsview Asset Management

“I was thinking I might not need Social Security Pro anymore given the elimination of file and suspend. How wrong I was, it is more valuable than ever! Thanks for a great program.”

— Ron Valpey, CFP®, AIF®
Valpey Financial Services, LLC

“Your software/website provides clarity and solutions to each own particular attendee’s needs in a simple & concise format they understand and can take with them—Clear, comprehensive, simple to understand, easy to create multiple scenarios.”

— Mike Licciardi

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